Music Credits: Kathy Gordon
Lyric Credits: Kathy Gordon
Producer Credits: Jimmy Taylor
Publisher Credits: Marvelous Light Music
Performance Credits: Sofia Swan, Spence Peppard, Jimmy Taylor
Label Credits: Independent


Whatever You Need
©2018 Kathryn R. Gordon

I’m standing at the beautiful gate, I’m asking You to give me faith
You look at me with love and say, “Whatever you need, take.”

There’s a broken heart down at the shelter. There’s a beggar, down on his luck.
There’s a foolish man of wealth, about to take his last breath
They’re looking for the one we call Lord.

I heard a story, when I came to you, Jesus. I’m here to find out, is it true?
Do You strengthen the weak and give hope to those with none?
‘Cause, I need you more than ever before.

Whatever you need, whatever you need. I gave it all for you
So you could help them to believe.
Whatever you need. Whatever you need.
I came for you, so you could bring them to me. (Now, bring them to me)

Bring the afflicted, they need a healing. Bring the addicted, they want to be free.
But, I’m the new child in the kingdom, Lord, what can I do?”
And You said, “Whatever you would do for me.”

So, I’m standing at the beautiful gate. And I’m asking you to give me faith.
You look at me with love and say, “Whatever you need.”