Music Credits: Kathy Gordon
Lyric Credits: Kathy Gordon
Producer Credits: Jimmy Taylor
Publisher Credits: Marvelous Light Music
Performance Credits: Sofia Swan, Spence Peppard, Jimmy Taylor
Label Credits: Independent


©2017 Kathryn R. Gordon

A tear falls, a heart aches. A river of burden flows through heaven's gates.
He whispers "I am with you, I'll never let you down
If you follow me............ follow me."

Emerging, from darkness. And even in my fear I know He understands.
He's taking up my weakness while I'm taking up my cross
To follow Him.............follow Him.

In His presence, we meet! Earth beneath my feet!
Standing here on holy, holy ground.
My eyes are on the heights, I can see His glory's light
Shining through the scepter and the crown
I see Majesty! Yea............ I see Majesty!

A raindrop, the sky breaks. An ocean of blessings crash through heaven's gates.
This love has filled me so much that my heart has overflowed
Because of Him.............. because of Him



From the heavens above, let Your Kingdom come, yeah!
From the heavens above, let Your Kingdom come, yeah!