Music Credits: Kathy Gordon
Lyric Credits: Tim Sharp
Producer Credits: Bryan Harkness
Publisher Credits: Hard 8, Witty Kat Songworks
Performance Credits: Bryan Harkness
Label Credits: Independent


Yesterday (Hindsight)
Tim Sharp / Kathy Gordon
© 2018

Verse 1

Not so long ago, you were bouncing on my knee
You told me one day you would marry someone just like me
I remember chasing boogie men from your room most every night
Lots of kisses and bedtime stories make the days end right

Pre chorus
I was your dad, you were my girl, I was your hero, you were my whole world

And now I drift into the night, I slip away from all the scars
Where I can hold you close instead of love you from afar
Then all my words come easier, 'cause I know just what to say
It's the perfectness of hindsight.... In the world of yesterday

Verse 2
I always hoped one day that I would walk you down the aisle,
Give you to a gentle man who had learned to make you smile
That ship set sail one afternoon when you turned and walked away
While I still cling to those fading dreams from the world of yesterday

Pre chorus


I never dreamed that a day would come, your love would fade just like a setting sun

Alternate Chorus

When I go to sleep at night, Oh I wonder how you are
I hope your world is right, and you found your shining star
I pray someday that you could see how my love would never fade
And the two of us could finally be past the world of yesterday

It's the perfectness of hindsight.....................