Meet Kathy Robinson

Welcome to my place, y’all!

So glad you found me!   Let me tell you about my passion...

I am a singer/songwriter, songwriting coach, and publisher.  I have performed with  bands, trios, duets and solo in my years, and still do (check out the Booking Info page)! My real passion, though, has always been writing songs - whether solo or with other writers. It’s just so much fun!

Now, I want to know about you and what you are looking for. Are you interested in licensing original works, finding a co-writer, or working with a writing coach?

Click the button below to reach out to me. Or you can move on to my "Latest Music" page to hear my most recent songs.  


Let's talk! How can I reach you?

Don't worry..... I won't bug you. I just want to share my new music and see how we can help each other.